I’ve died and gone to French Toast heaven at The National

I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog to further express my love for brunch. While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, I beg to differ. It’s all about brunch. Who doesn’t love waking up at 10:30…11:00, okay noon, on a weekend and going out to a restaurant with friends and being able to pick out either sweet or savory dishes? I would love to meet a person who doesn’t like brunch. I may have to slap him or her.

Anyways, enough of my soapbox.

Today, a friend and I had brunch at The National; a cute little restaurant next to Cine. At lunch and dinner, the menu is Mediterranean inspired  and way over my measly R.A. budget. Nevertheless, I always find a way to make it work when it comes to brunch no matter what the price is.

Our server told us the menu changed during each shift, however my eyes immediately focused in on the banana bread french toast with blueberries and pecans, served with REAL maple syrup. Oh, lordy. They sold me at the banana bread, which I have been craving for MONTHS! Banana bread in a french toast form + real maple syrup has my heart. As Charlie Sheen would say, WINNING!  It is a pet peeve of mine when restaurants serve pancake syrup with their pancakes and french toasts. Although it is more expensive, nothing makes a dish better than pure maple syrup straight from Vermont, Canada, Timbuktu, or wherever good maple syrup is harvested.

This had to be the best brunch I have ever had. Yes, you heard it. Best brunch, and the best french toast I have had so far. The bread was dense and full of bananas and some sort of nut (my guess is walnuts or pecans). The blueberries complemented the banana flavor and the maple syrup just sent me into a foodgasm.

My friend had an egg and sausage sandwich on a rosemary biscuit with a side of grits. The biscuit was both fluffy and buttery, and had specks of green from the rosemary. It looked delish!!

I will definitely be back to The National to try another brunch special and one of their morning non-alcoholic beverages as well.

I have found my french toast holy grail.  Pics below

 The National

232 W. Hancock Avenue

Athens,GA 30601



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