A Dear John Letter to Mama’s Boy

Dear Mama’s Boy,

I wanted to like you, I really did. Besides the cute name, the quirky interior and the fact you serve your drinks in little mason jars, you are everything a foodie could ask for. BUT when it comes to your food, you are just average. And I can’t do average, unless somebody else is paying for it. I will say this however, I will probably be back before I graduate. Why? Because I have faith in you, total faith that I will eat a dish from your restaurant and be BLOWN away. I’ve seen your daily specials and your Pancake Tuesday offerings and they all look fantastic. Please don’t disappoint me again.



Okay, now for the actual review.

I have been to Mama’s Boy twice. The first time I went, I had the Georgia Peach Stuffed French Toast (hello!) and the second time I had the Veggie Scramble with cheese grits and a biscuit.

Restaurants can’t really go wrong with french toast. It is one of the easiest breakfast items to prepare (and I’m not counting pouring a bowl of cereal). I loved the thickness of the bread (all the more to soak up the egg custard), however the peach filling/puree was lacking for me. I wanted more peach flavor, and I think the addition of fresh peaches would have helped the dish tremendously. How about,  fresh peach puree stuffed french toast with a warm peach and rasperry compote on the side? Yeah, I said that.  However the biggest no-no, was the pancake syrup served on the side.  If you read about my phenomenal french toast experience at The National, you know I love maple syrup.

The Veggie Scramble I had  wasn’t  bad. I really enjoyed the bits of red onion, spinach, red peppers and goat cheese throughout. Absolutely no complaints there. But let’s talk about the grits. I wasn’t raised on grits, (I know, kill me!) and I am no cheese grits aficionado, but if you are going to have cheese grits on the menu, make them cheesy, and not just put a teaspoon of shredded cheese and call it a day. The biscuit didn’t really impress either. Although big and filling, the biscuit was very dense and buttery. Whoa…what’s wrong with butter you may ask? Nada, but I felt like the added butter was put on there to hide something (lack of flufiness perhaps?).

But as I said above, I will probably be back to get my pancakes and to sip their strawberry lemonade from their little mason jars, just because I am fancy like that.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, err….let’s just not get to that point.

Veggie Scramble

Georgia Peach Stuffed French Toast


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