Otherwise known as Transmet within the Athens community, this place serves your standard Italian to-go fare: pizza, pasta, paninis and speciality salads. BUT wait, being that Athens is a college town and there is a pizza place at every corner, Transmet has to have some niche. Think of it as a more sophisticated/hipper Little Italy; a place where  you would actually want to linger at after your meal.

All I have had is the pizza, which comes in two sizes: thin and Sicilian. The Sicilian has a thick crust of bread, almost like a deep dish. For me, I only care about two things on my pizza, sauce and crust. The more crust, the better, so naturally I was all in for trying a Sicilian slice. The portion sizes are pretty good as well.

Friends had the thin slice (which is also good, with a cracker like crust) and the panini which comes with roasted potatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette sauce. Yummy.

Great place to chill out with friends and to grab a slice of pizza that doesn’t come from a box or a freezer.

Transmetropolitan Yelp site



Veggie Sicilian pizza

CRUSTPortabello Panini

Thin-sliced (meatball and chicken)


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