On a Cold Sunday at Five Star Day Cafe…

…four friends trampled through drizzling rain, frigid weather and sketchy bystanders lurking on the street corners of downtown Athens, all in the name of food.

It was Sunday after all, and for my three friends who are on the meal plan,( I don’t judge), Sunday night means no open dining halls and sometimes meals of dry cereal and ramen noodles.

The rough life of a college student…in a nutshell.

Alas, Five Star Day Cafe, a local restaurant serving “soul food,” was on the top of our list. The menu first and foremost appealed to me with its offerings of comfort foods, such as banana pudding, macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes and BBQ.  Plus the general kitsch (in a good way!) of the restaurant, including its decor inside and outside screams Athens.

At the restaurant I ordered the Carolina BBQ pulled pork sandwich topped with slaw. It was delicious, and honestly one of the best BBQ items I have had in a while. If you like sauce, and lots of it, this sandwich for you. The cole slaw was great too, as was the corn muffin served alongside. As  a side dish, I ordered macaroni and cheese.

And this is where things got complicated.

I will eat just about any type of macaroni and cheese, except for Easy Mac (blasphemy!).

Five Star’s mac and cheese was less than appealing to me. The mac was dry and lacked in flavor, cheese and otherwise.

Even though I like Velveeta, I still have decent taste buds otherwise.

So while Five Star Day Cafe certainly has the potential (seriously, go get that pulled pork sandwich), this poor girl trudged back to her car, in the rain, still searching for her holy grail macaroni and cheese.

Are you out there?

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burger with a side of cheese grits

Fried Green Tomatoes with a black-eyed pea salsa

Five Star Day Cafe 

229 East Broad Street

Athens, GA

(706) 543-8552


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