Food Carts, Meet Athens, Athens, Meet Food Carts: The Athens Food Cart Festival

Well it was about time!

If one could only imagine the nights I’ve had ‘tossing and turning’  and dreaming of Athens becoming a food cart destination, à la Portland and New York City, only to wake and realize that instead of food carts and trucks, we’d be getting a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and a downtown Waffle House.

Welcome to Athens!

But actually, this really hasn’t kept me up at night – what has is my job search and boy(s) that don’t text back, however I was ecstatic to learn a couple of weeks ago, that food trucks and carts (many from the Atlanta-area) would be coming to Athens for the Athens Food Cart Festival held this past Saturday.

Students from UGA’s College of Environment and Design hosted this first-ever festival, with the idea stemming back from a graduate course in Spring 2011. According to the festival’s blog, “the street food festival is designed to raise awareness of the many benefits of mobile food vending for the Athens community.”

Vendors such as La Fonda Dawgs (a UGA campus staple), Farm Cart (Athens) King of Pops (gourmet freeze pops), Nacho Mama’s Taqueria, Honeysuckle Gelato, Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles and Yoli’s Street Food (Cuban) were at the festival, just to name a few.

My time at the festival was brief do to another obligation that same day, however I managed to go to La Fonda Dawgs (one of the few vendors with a reasonable line) and finally try something I have wanted to taste since freshman year: the BBQ chicken sandwich. Tender grilled chicken with a tangy, sweet sauce, and a steal for $4- it was worth it.

Of course  I should have gone to an Atlanta vendor and try something out of reach in my day-to-day life, but this was one last thing to cross off my Athens bucket list.

One to-do crossed off, 99 more to go.

Let’s do this.

Honeysuckle Gelato: Flavors include Bourbon Pecan, Moon Pie,and Snacks on a Plane (biscoff, peanuts & pretzels)

Yoli's Street Food

Pressed for Time Paninis


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