Rice and Beans in Miami: Puerto Sagua

What spring break trip to Miami is complete without trying authentic Cuban food?

Not mine.

In the midst of getting sunburned, rained on and walking around in ridiculously high stilettos to fit in with the Miami crowd, I was determined to have an authentic Cuban meal in Miami.

I deserved it, darn it.

I went to the Cuban restaurant Puerto Sagua last spring break, and tried their Cuban sandwich (shaved pork, ham, mustard and pickles on Cuban bread) which was delicious. But after trying Papi’s Cuban Grill in Atlanta, I wanted more!

As I saddled my weary friends from the beach and into the restaurant, I felt at peace.

I had only been BEGGING them to go with me since day one (this was day four).

Puerto Sagua is a popular dining destination for tourists who want a bit of authenticity to their Miami trip. It’s right on South Beach and the prices are relatively cheap.

I had the pollo asado (roast chicken) with black beans, yellow rice and maduros (sweet plantains). The restaurant gives out large portions, and each meal comes with Cuban bread. Everything tasted great (especially the beans and maduros) and I was well satisfied after.

The motto for Spring Break ’12 was ‘what happens in Miami, stays in Miami.’ But in this case, I can’t keep a secret.


Puerto Sagua

700 Collins Avenue  Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 673-1115


One thought on “Rice and Beans in Miami: Puerto Sagua

  1. I’m totally stalking your blog right now but OMG. YES. PAPI’S AND PUERTO SAGUA. My family is Cuban and we swear by Papi’s, but the one in ATLANTA. None of the other ones. And I went to Puerto Sagua in Miami when I went down two Spring Breaks ago, and yes. yes. yes. Good.

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