A Night on the Town at FLIP Burger in Atlanta

My mom decided to be adventurous two weekends ago and try something new.

She decided to take us out to eat in Atlanta.

This was a  big first for her.


Normally she restricts our eating-out establishments to O’Charleys, La Parilla and Olive Garden.

 I do love my chains, but there is only so much unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks I can eat.

Therefore, one weekend when the stars were aligned, I somehow convinced my mom to take us to FLIP burger in Atlanta.

FLIP burger is a self-proclaimed “burger boutique” that specializes in creative burger meats and toppings, and essentially redefines what one thinks of a hamburger. The menu offers shrimp, chorizo, falafel and lamb burgers among the usual turkey and beef patties. FLIP is also known for their unusual milkshake offerings, including their Krispy Kreme and  nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshakes.

I ordered the turkey burger with Monterey cheese, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and pomegranate ketchup. I also ordered  a side of vodka battered onion rings with a serving of beer mustard on the side. Obviously, I was looking for a way to let loose that night with my mom and little brother.


My mom and brother ordered the traditional cheeseburgers, and added a Krispy Kreme milkshake on the side, thick with glazed donut chunks.

The Do’s: Amazing onion rings. Did I get tipsy off of them? Hah, that would have been an interesting night.  The beef cheeseburgers were also good.

The Don’ts: My turkey burger was just so-so. I ordered it because of the toppings, however I realized that I am a beef girl through and through. Not FLIP burgers fault, I was just expecting a bigger flavor than what I got.

And with my visit to FLIP burger, came my demise as a vegetarian.

Where’s the beef?

***Pictures are really dark, due to me still not knowing how to work my iPhone, and the “sexy” mood lighting of the restaurant.***

Flip Burger

1587 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta, GA



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