Strawberry Pancakes and Cream at The Last Resort

I was so adamant this Sunday on trying something savory for brunch.

I was determined not to have my sweet tooth get the best of me, and to order something my 11-year old brother would probably not enjoy.

I’m 20-something years old, and I should be able to eat grown-up food like eggs Benedict and roasted vegetable frittatas with fontina and goat cheeses.

Alas, I failed this mission.

But who can resist pancakes with a strawberry and lemon compote – the special of the day?

Not this girl!

The pancakes, which were good on their own, came with a large serving of whole strawberries and syrup.  Although a little on the tart side, the dish balanced out with the addition of maple syrup and whipped cream.

Oh Gawd, I love real whipped cream.

Don’t even get me started on Cool Whip.

Friends had the Ranchero Omlette with black beans, texas caviar (pico de gallo), Monterey jack cheese, salsa fresca and cilantro crema,served with a jalapeno scone, and the Atlanticville Pasta made with salmon, shrimp, and greens in a Dijon cream sauce.

Maybe next time I’ll order the eggs.



The Last Resort Grill

184 West Clayton St.

Athens, GA


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Pancakes and Cream at The Last Resort

  1. Recent posts, lessee…pancakes…pancakes…mac & cheese…maybe this blog should be subtitled “Taylor’s Carbo Cravan.”

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