The Ultimate Comfort Food: Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese at Melt Shop in NYC

This was a good one.

So good, that I walked 10 New York City blocks, took one subway train and endured countless and countless of stairs to get to this outdoor restuarant stand.

Did I mention I was rolling a suitcase weighing the size of a 12 year old kid with me?

If you were in Midtown East on February 14, and saw a girl lugging this atrocity up a flight of stairs, muttering obscenties to herself, than that my friend was me.

Please don’t judge.

The Three Cheese Melt at the Melt Shop was well worth it. Made with goat cheese, gruyere and fontina, with roasted tomatoes on sourdough bread, it was divine!

It didn’t matter that I could feel the butter from the bread building a wall of plaque in my arteries, or the cheese going directly to my thighs. After all, I had already done enough exercise for the whole week  just trying to get to the place.

I further upped the calorie count by ordering a side of tator tots with their special Melt sauce. I’d compare it to Raising Cane’s sauce, but that may be an insult to Melt Shop. More Melt sauce please.

But don’t take my word on this foodie adventure, take a look at THIS  (Click it!) video  from OMG Foodie.

Melt Shop

601 Lexington Ave
(between 52nd St & 53rd St)
New York, NY 10022

(212) 759-6358


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Comfort Food: Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese at Melt Shop in NYC

  1. That grilled cheese sandwiches have become haute cuisine is either a sign of the economic recovery or a harbinger of the end of the American empire. What’s next, expensive coffee?

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