Eating my Weight in Sugar & Spice in NYC: Part 2 – Wicked Hot Chocolate

In the same fifteen minutes I bought my chocolate chip walnut cookie at Levain Bakery, I also bought a hot chocolate from Jacques Torres Chocolate shop in the same neighborhood.

I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to food, haven’t you noticed?

Anything with the name Jacques Torres is bound to be good.

Google him.

Now, this wasn’t just any hot chocolate, this was the shop’s “Wicked Hot Chocolate” made with real chocolate (not cocoa powder) and spiced with ground ancho chili peppers, cinnamon, allspice and ground chipotle chili peppers.

This drink was rich, thick, and not overly sweet. The only thing I would have liked to have tasted more of was spice! To me, it tasted like regular hot chocolate, but if I’m asking for “Wicked” hot chocolate, I want to feel that burn!

Pardon me, my masochism is showing again.

Normally my refined taste buds are accustomed to the sickening sweet, but oh so good hot chocolate at Quick Trip (yes, the convenience store) and drinking the Wicked Hot Chocolate was a much-needed reminder that sometimes the best things in life are a little she she, a little bougie and cost more than $.99

I cannot appropriately describe the way this hot chocolate made me feel.

I almost forgot who I was when drinking this.

That’s what good hot chocolate and New York City will do to yah!



Jacques Torres Chocolate

285 Amsterdam Ave. between 73rd and 74th Streets

 New York City

212- 787-3256


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