Athens Review: The Local Jam in Five Points

Who doesn’t love biscuits?

And I don’t mean the canned kind that pop out.

They scare the bejesus out of me and give me mild heart palpitations every time I try to open one.

No, I’m not talking about big, fluffy, flaky, biscuits with a touch of salt that  make you leave a trail of buttery-fingerprints behind.

Those my friends, can be found at The Local Jam.

I often find biscuits to be too dry, or too pasty-looking (i.e. not enough butter) for me to eat.  The biscuits at The Local Jam  were big and buttery. While I’m still partial to the biscuits at Chick-fil-A , these biscuits came in at a close second. Their homemade cherry-strawberry jam was just the right topping for it too.

The Local Jam is a restaurant in the Five Points neighborhood that took over the spot where Five Points Deli used to reside. They offer breakfast, lunch and brunch, and their specialties (besides biscuits and homemade jam) include  The Jamrrito ( a burrito filled with black bean chili, scrambled eggs, cheese, grits and topped with  jalapeno jam) and The Nat Mac (mac and cheese made with mozzarella, pesto, feta, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes).

Well, obviously I had to try The Nat Mac.

It was good, but I would have loved for it to be cheesier, although I give it points for using pesto.

My friend’s french toast (do you see a pattern?) was amazing.  The french bread used, is made  by local business, Alfredo’s Bread and provided the french toast with a perfect texture and taste. It easily makes my top 5 best french toast list.

I’m afraid I will be 500 pounds when I graduate.

Somebody save me.

The Local Jam

1650 South Lumpkin St Athens, GA 30605



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