Athens: Ted’s Most Best Pizza

A horrible, horrible thing occurred this past week.

So horrible I can’t even fathom how I survived.

I shudder to think.


I lost my appetite.

I know, worst. thing. ever.

But seriously, it was kind of depressing. Food didn’t taste as good as it once did, even my boxed macaroni and cheese tasted, well…tasteless. I survived on  toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and my tortilla soup I had made (review to come).  But there was no joy in eating, no comfort.

Thankfully by Friday night, my taste buds awoke from the dead and overjoyed me with their presence.

For my friend’s birthday, we went to a new pizza place in downtown Athens called Ted’s Most Best. It’s across the street from Clocked (great burgers!) and was converted from an old auto garage. Trés cool.

The menu consists mostly of  pizza, paninis and salads, and is reminiscent of Transmet –  if only Transmet had the Perrella pie with mozzarella, goat cheese. prosciutto, herbs and garlic.

I’ll just go ahead and say it – that pizza  was delicious! The goat cheese added a surprising tang to the tomato sauce, and the prosciutto was not too salty, and was a nice balance with the cheeses and herbs.

All the pizzas come in individual sizes, but in my opinion  are large enough for two people to share depending on how hungry one is. They have a couple of speciality pies, such as the Perrella, but patrons are free to make their own pie with ingredients such as artichoke hearts, sopresseta and roasted eggplant.

The snob in me came out a little bit after eating this meal.

I don’t do Dominoes…well, starting AFTER college.

My roommate had the…wait for it…

Baked goat cheese salad.  Yes, you read right, baked goat cheese.

Two hunks of goat cheese are breaded and baked, and served with a mixed green salad and a couple of slices of Luna baguette bread. It was divine. Thank you Paige for the taste!

Although the prices are a little more expensive than what I would normally pay for a pizza, you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality ingredients.

I shall be back!

Ted’s Most Best

254 W. Washington St.

Athens, GA 30601

(706) 543-1523


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