Sun in My Belly: Monday Brunch

Who says you can’t have brunch at 11:30 a.m. on a Monday morning?

Did the weekend end all ready? Must have missed that memo.

Just one of the perks of being an unemployed student on winter break.

Maybe I should re-think this brunch thing.


My friend suggested this place  for a recent get-together in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.  At first, the name kind of bugged me out – ‘Sun in My Belly?’ I had visions of hipster pregnant women, barefoot, eating vegan and gluten-free pancakes.

What? That wasn’t your same perception?

Moving on.

Sun in My Belly is actually part catering company, part cafe. Once I saw the menu full of breakfast and lunch delights, I knew I was in for a treat. They have a variety of lunch staples, such as sandwiches, soups and salads – Truffled Chicken Salad with roasted garlic aioli on pumpernickel anyone? But my eyes went straight for the sweet stuff, and knowing me I immediately zeroed in on the french toast.

 I needed some inspiration for my next french toast recipe. I’ve had  amazing french toast at The National and The Grit in Athens,  but this one may have topped them all.

I had the Challah French Toast stuffed with honeyed ricotta and served with bananas foster and maple syrup.

Everything about the french toast was amazing. The bread was thick and fried crisp, the ricotta oozed out and tasted faintly of honey, and the bananas were sweet and syrupy.

My friend had the MLT sandwich (mozzarella, lettuce and tomato) with Buffalo mozzarella, mixed greens, tomatoes and basil pesto served on country bread. She also had  a side of  roasted beet couscous with goat cheese in an orange and cumin vinaigrette (good flavor combination) and a cup of mushroom soup.

Everything about Sun in My Belly is adorable, from the inside decor, its outside charm, and most of all its food. It almost reminds me of the Athens restaurant, Marti’s at Midday.

If only more restaurants could up the adorbs factor…

Vegan pregnant women aside.



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