I Consider Myself a “Classy” Foodie: Cracker Barrel and All

As soon as I tell people I have a food blog, they either ask me one of two things:

1) Can you cook? (See title of blog)


2) What are your favorite restaurants?

This one is a little bit trickier and after a couple of milliseconds batting my eyes and having a glazed look come over them, I manage to stutter out The National in Athens.  I like The National and I would kill to go back there and have their banana bread french toast just one more time (let’s not go there), but is it my absolute favorite restaurant?


My favorite restaurant is actually a pizza place called Monicles Pizza in Peoria, Illinois; the town I grew up in. To non-Peorians, Monicles would be nothing special. Pepsi, not Coke (we’re north of the Mason-Dixon line ya’ll) is served in pitchers, the salad consists of shredded iceberg, American cheese, and bits of tomato chunks which you drown in their  French Dressing which God himself must make, and then you have the pizza, which is as thin as cardboard.

But oh my goodness is it all so, so good.

My point is, when you claim yourself a “foodie” people expect you to name a five-star restaurant manned by a  James Beard award- winning chef as your favorite place, not restaurants that have had a health-code violation within the past year (and I’m not talking about Monicles or Cracker Barrel here).

So yes, I still claim myself a foodie because I love food. I will try anything once, and so far my most adventurous eats have been octopus, curried goat, escargot, and my mother’s casseroles. Make no mistake, I am no Anthony Bourdain.  I think restaurants that serve Pan-Asian-Dutch-Brazilian-Samoan fusion cusine can be wonderful, but so far, none have rocked my boat…yet.

I’m still trying to figure out my own likes and dislikes when it comes to food. What I do know, is that right now my palette is craving Hot Cheetos.

Fancy food at its finest.

P.S. I go to Cracker Barrel for three things and three things only: Pancakes, biscuits and corn muffins.

Sue me.


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