A Little Taste of Cuba: Papi’s Grill

I was feeling a little uninspired by my appetite.

After eating a slew of meals this past week consisting of  canned soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (hey, payday is not until this Friday), I thought I’d “treat”  myself and enjoy a cuisine that is fastly growing on me.

I enjoy most Hispanic dishes. I like the heat, the spiciness and the cheese. Oh lordy, I love  queso blanco. Yes, it’s generic, yes, it’s inauthentic, and yes, it’s probably just plain old American white cheese rotting away in the back, but it is heaven to my taste buds.  As a fan of  “Mexican” food brought to me by my local La Hacienda, I thought I should venture out and try other cuisines from the Latin and South American regions.

Because we all know that Mexico is not the only Spanish-speaking country there is.  Right guys?

Cuban food is high on my list. I love yellow rice, black beans, Cuban sandwiches (see post from Miami) and am a growing fan of plantains. Cali n Tito’s makes an amazing cafe con leche, and let’s not forgot about mojitos.  I realize now that this list of foods, while all seen in Cuban cuisine, are also standard dishes and drinks in other countries.

Gotta love imperialism.

Papi’s Grill is a little taste of Havana,  if Havana were located in a strip mall in Henry County, Georgia. But what it lacks in appeal on the outside, makes up greatly in its food.

But then again, what did I expect? Palm trees out front and Diego Luna from Dirty Dancing Havana Nights in a guayabera as my server?


Regardless, Papi’s Grill has really great food, good portions and all at a good price.

I had the ropa vieja as my entrée, which literally is translated as “old clothes” in Spanish. It’s shredded steak, onions and peppers in a tomato-based sauce. Accompanying it, I had spicy black beans and yellow rice, maduros (fried sweet plantains), sweet and chewy Cuban bread, and a side salad.

My bill?


And with that said,  I am officially off the Progresso soup diet.

Now if only the U.S could unlift that embargo…


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