A Trip to The Globe

Whenever I walk downtown, I always pass by The Globe on the corner of Lumpkin and E. Clayton St. It has this rare sophistication to it usually not seen in Athens.


Have you been to Bourbon Street?

Moving on.

Until this year, I had no idea that The Globe served food, actual food. It’s better known for its old-school ambience and selection of beers. “Hipster” Athenians and grad students seem to typically frequent this place. When passing by, I always see people out on the patio sipping a glass of wine and reading a novel.

Call me boring, but I much rather do that than a kamikaze.

Thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued to experience what The Globe had to offer. Not only did Flagpole Magazine rate it the number one spot to meet your future spouse (holla!), it also claims to have one of the best red velvet cakes.

They had me at red velvet.

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go there for dinner and check out the scene. Beer drinker I am not, therefore I knew that I would be missing out on their vast beer selection, although from what I saw at the bar, beer aficionados are definitely in for a treat.

The inside is warm and  cozy, with rocking chairs and a big leather couch to the right when you walk in. White Christmas lights adorned the windows and beams throughout the  interior , old portraits were staggered around and a lighted Christmas tree was seen in the corner of the room.

After settling down we looked at the menu. The menu was standard Americana – burgers, sandwiches, with the addition of a Tandoori chicken sandwich and salad. My friend ordered the Tandoori chicken sandwich while I settled on the roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese and a side of au jus.

The sandwich was delicious if a bit on the salty side. The bread was perfectly crisp yet chewy, and great for dipping in the beef au jus they provided. Tandoori purists should not expect The Globe’s chicken sandwich to be authentic. Although my friend said it was good nonetheless.

As we were walking out the door of The Globe I forgot one important thing…

I forgot to order the red velvet cake!

Guess I’ll have to go back.

I may or may not have done that on purpose.


One thought on “A Trip to The Globe

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