The World’s Ugliest Pancakes

I didn’t mean to make them ugly.

It just happened that way.

Okay, so maybe I could have put in the egg that the mix had called for (I forgot!) and they would have turned out like the perfectly symmetrical pancakes IHOP makes.

After making macaroni and cheese I decided to “cleanse” my palate and make pancakes…whole-wheat pancakes with bananas topped with Cracker Barrel syrup.

Oh no she didn’t.

To be fair, I didn’t make them from scratch. Instead, I used a whole-wheat pancake mix and added mashed bananas, cinnamon, vanilla extract and vanilla soy milk.

You can obviously see I’m attempting to be healthy with the soy milk.

And with the pictures below, you will see that any health benefits that these pancakes may originally have had are gone with the addition of  syrup.

Good riddance.


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