Five & Ten: Bourbon Vanilla French Toast

A couple of weekends ago, I went out to brunch at Five & Ten, one of Athens’ finer dining establishments in the Five Points neighborhood. The restaurant is owned by chef Hugh Acheson, who starred in the third season of Top Chef on Bravo. He is also the partner of Five & Ten’s sister restaurant, The National.

Oh The National, how I do love your banana bread french toast.

Your sister’s french toast? I can’t exactly say the same thing. But hear me out.

I love french toast and I consider myself a french toast connoisseur the thicker the slices of bread the better, ditto on the use of maple and not pancake syrup.

therefore on my recent visit I had to try their bourbon vanilla french toast with apple compote, candied walnuts and cane syrup.

Let me start out by saying that the french toast wasn’t bad, in fact it was quite tasty. The bread was sliced thick and the apple compote and candied walnuts were a nice addition. However, in my humble opinion the toast would have been perfect with maple syrup instead of cane. The cane syrup and its richer and more robust flavor ended up overpowering the french toast.

Yes, for me syrup can make or break a dish.

I never said I wasn’t a picky foodie.

Photos by: Design Sponge, Fayette Woman and Moi


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