The Flying Biscuit Cafe

I have been wanting to go The Flying Biscuit Cafe ever since I moved to Georgia.

That was eight years ago.

On May 24, 2011 I finally went. It was my birthday, my 21st to boot.

It was so worth the wait.

I went to the Midtown location, housed in an eclectic neighborhood near Piedmont Park. The staff immediately seated us in the patio section shaped like a horseshoe. The inside of the restaurant was as eclectic and hip as the neighborhood and its people.

Now for the food.

I ordered the veggie scramble made with white cheddar, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, served with a side of fresh fruit and their famous “Flying Biscuit.”  I’m quite picky about my eggs, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well made my eggs were made – not too runny or hard, just right.

The biscuit was divine. It was fluffy, rich, yet melt in your mouth. Who knew a biscuit could emit such bliss from me?  It was served with a cranberry-apple butter which complemented the slightly salty taste of the biscuit.

Can you tell I really liked these biscuits?

My mother had a similar dish with the addition of grits. The grits came out creamy, lightly colored and tasted rich. My friend J-Wats – grit connoisseur-  would have been so proud.

Next time I go to Flying Biscuit, I want to try their organic oatmeal pancakes served with peach compote and maple syrup.

Excuse me while I wipe my chin.

Until next time.


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