Clocked Diner

You want to know what I had for Easter dinner? Ham? No. Macaroni and cheese? Nuh uh. Some sort of inedible Jello salad?  Guess again.

I had a thick, juicy burger.

That’s right, I said it. J-U-I-C-Y.

This was quite the unexpected Easter dinner, and I had originally planned on having a typical Sunday Easter meal. However, plans changed and me and a friend went to Clocked instead.

Clocked is a really cute diner next to Farm 255 and the 40 Watt Club. The inside is small but kitschy, and they have a great outdoor patio area.

I choose to get a standard hamburger  with french fries and feta sauce.

That feta cheese sauce has my heart. It is thick, rich, creamy and chalk-full of feta cheese. It’s a foodgasm and a heart attack all in one.

The burger came with lettuce, tomato, onion and their own special sauce, which was probably a blend of mayo and ketchup. But let’s get back to the juicyness of this burger. It was fall-apart juicy. Melt-in-your mouth juicy. To make a long story short, it was DELICIOUS.

I highly recommend Clocked for your burger and feta cheese cravings. And when that happens, call me.

Clocked Diner

259 W. Washington St.


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