Cali n Tito’s


Cali n Tito’s has my heart.

The restaurant is such an eclectic place with great people watching, a mix of doo dads hanging on the walls and ceilings,  and really good food.

Also, it just happens to be a perfect first date spot.

Just sayin’. 

Cali n Tito’s is almost always crowded no matter what time of the day. However, for this particular food adventure I decided to go for lunch…on a Tuesday. Going out for lunch on a weekday almost never happens. Usually its leftovers from the night before or a PB&J with Sun Chips.  I felt like a lady who lunches, and dammit that felt good.

My family and I went around 12 p.m. and was quickly served.  They have really affordable lunch specials which includes a main dish, side and  drink. The menu is a blend of Latin American flavors, with dishes such as fish tacos, quesadillas, a selection of tortas ( Spanish for sanwiches) and empanadas.  I ordered the Cuban Sandwich with chicken. Yes, I do love my Cubans. However, Cali n Tito’s Cuban is a little less on the traditional side. For one thing, the sandwich is not made with the traditional roast pork and ham, nor does it have pickles or mustard on it. What it did have, if I remember correctly, was lettuce, cheese, jalapenos, and two sides of a mayonnaise and  ketchup blend sauce and a green spicy salsa. The salsa was nice and spicy and was a great accompaniment to my sandwich. With the Cuban, I ordered a side of maduros, which are sweet plantains, and a lemonade, which actually turned out to be pineapple water. Yes, pineapple water. Refreshing, but when you are expecting lemonade, it kinda hits you…hard. 

From previous visits, I have had the chips and salsa which are really good.  The chips tasted like they were freshly fried and the salsa tasted freshly made as well. The french fries weren’t too bad either.

Overall, Cali n Tito’s is one of the most charming restaurants in Athens. It’s unpretentious, has a great scene and has good food. My only caveat is that it only  takes cash or checks. 

While I don’t carry around a wad of cash or a checkbook in my purse, that may soon change.

Yeah, its that good.

Cali n Tito’s

1427 S. Lumpkin St.




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