I am a Full & Happy Girl. Thank you DePalma’s.

Let me just start off by saying how much I really miss my school’s meal plan. Like really miss, like ” I will pay the $14.00 admission for dinner just to get a Philly Cheese Steak, a smoothie and fro-yo.”

Yeah, my cravings are that bad. 

Thankfully this week, I was taken out of my sorrow and  had some family members come into town. Knowing my predicament and the fact I had a food blog, they graciously took me out to dinner, my choice to boot.

I picked DePalma’s because there is simply no better place in Athens to carb-load, other than the dining halls. I had been to DePalma’s twice before and always enjoyed the upscale yet hipster ambience it exuded. Plus, I love Italian food.

For an appetizer we ordered two types breadsticks, which were filled with spinach and onion, and beef and onion. Both kinds of breadsticks were topped with mozzarella cheese and served with a side of marinara sauce. You can rarely ever go wrong with the combination of bread and cheese.

For the main course I had the Pasta DePalma, which is angel hair pasta baked in a rosemary cream sauce with mozzarella, mushrooms and chicken. Re-reading the list of ingredients, this dish should have been amazing. Sadly, while it wasn’t a bad dish by any means, it was lacking in flavor. Red pepper flakes, or sun-dried tomatoes would have been a wonderful addition to the pasta to give it some pep. Accompanying it was a Caesar salad, which was a bit on the oily side. Typically I like a creamy Caesar dressing as opposed to the oil based dressing DePalma’s served. But, to each their own.

Now for the desert, aka. the motherlode. I had the Chocolate Torte filled with a chocolate ganache served a la mode. Good god this was good. The chocolate ganache just oozed out of the cake and the combination of that with the ice cream was amazing. This was the highlight of my entire meal, and it was worth…

Every. Single. Calorie. 


401 E. Broad St.

Athens, GA


FYI: Pics are quite dark. Blame it on me not knowing how to work my flash. How long have I had this camera???

Pasta DePalma


Chicken Parm



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