Horchata at Taqueria La Oaxaquena and other interesante finds

Taqueria la Oaxaquena.  Try saying that five times fast; I sure can’t, and that is with SIX years of Spanish under my belt.

This past December was the first time I decided to check out the taqueria  in Jonesboro, GA. on Mt. Zion Road, and I am so glad I did, because they make the best horchata. Now, I cannot claim that I am a horchata aficionado, (I’ve only tried three) but the horchata that Taqueria la Oaxaquena makes is spectacular, or shall I say espectacular.

For those who don’t know what horchata is, it is a traditional Hispanic  drink made of ground rice, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.  It tastes like sweetened milk with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Muy delicioso and very refreshing. The taqueria is very authentic when it comes to their specialities such as tacos, homemade salsas, tamales and tortas (sandwiches). Read their reviews on Yelp!

That same day, I went to Fairburn for my brother’s basketball practice and stopped at the El  Amigo Supermarket across the street. The supermarket sold a range of goods and produce, most of  which were of Hispanic origin. What caught my eye however, was the pastry and bread section.  Rows and rows of homemade pastries, including breads, muffins and donuts were all calling my name, literally. And how could I resist? I immediately grabbed a churro, covered in a thick layer of cinnamon and sugar, and chose a round sweet bread filled with a pastry cream and dusted with powedered sugar. The churro was good, but I would have preferred to have eaten it fresh from the fryer and dipped in chocolate. The bread was sweet and rich, but not overly so.

I enjoy my random finds.




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