The Last Resort (Dinner)

I have been hearing about the Last Resort ever since I arrived in Athens. “OMG! I lurve the Last Resort!”, “What? You haven’t been to the Last Resort? Blasphemy!” “Their cakes are sooooo good!” and yadda yadda yadda. So for my friend’s 20th birthday, I “casually” suggested that we go to the Last Resort for her birthday dinner. I should also put “suggested” in quotation marks, because it was more like a “If we don’t go to the Last Resort, I’m not coming” sort of thing. 🙂

The restaurant was cute and  very cozy inside. And by cozy, I mean our party had a 40 minute wait and was shoulder to shoulder with other restaurant patrons. But hey, what can you expect on a Friday night at 7:00 p.m.?  I had been studying the menu  for a while (does anyone else do that?) and I already knew what I wanted to eat, The Chicken Carbonara. Yumz

A small salad with jalapeno honey mustard dressing arrived before the meal, which I gobbled up in two servings. Finally, my entrée came and it was everything I expected it to be. It was penne pasta in an egg and cheese sauce with peas, shaved romano cheese, and bacon lardons. I have no clue what lardons are, but boy did they flavor this dish! It was rich, creamy, cheesy, and would have put me in a food coma if I had eaten it all in one serving. Whoever made it socially acceptable to carry out leftovers, I salute you.

Since I must have dessert at every meal, I thought I would try one of their cakes. The choices were endless: red velvet, tres leches, caramel cake, strawberry cake, and coconut cake. After careful deliberation, I chose the red velvet cake. It was chocolatey without being overwhelming,  moist but had a  great crumb, and had one of the best cream cheese frosting I had ever tasted. This cake was the best part of the meal.

Can you say “foodgasm?”

Chicken Carbonara


Adobo Salmon- Amazing pineapple salsa!


Last Resort's Praline (Stuffed Chicken Breast)


Red Velvet


One thought on “The Last Resort (Dinner)

  1. Good to see another Athens foodie doing their thing! Check me out over at and let me know what you think. Athens is so dense with good eats!

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